The waterways of the Hautes Pyrenees offer a formidable biological richness.
The rivers and lakes harbour a varied fauna : pink salmon, christivomer, omble chevalier, brown trout (who can swim up to 150 km/h).

Here, water is everywhere!

2000 km of rivers and streams, filled by 330 mountainlakes. The Alaric which runs through the village at 200 m from the countryhome is, with the Adour which is situated at 3km, classed in the first category and offer their 50km long riverbanks to fishing enthousiasts. Are accessible on foot and by car.

n°1 : Montgaillard - L'adour (first category) - At 3km from the countryhome brown trout and rainbow trout
n°2 : Vielle-Adour - L'alaric (first category) - Runs through the village brown trout and rainbow trout
n°3 : Argelès - Gave de Pau (first category) - At 25km from the countryhome – brown trout and rainbow trout
n°4 : Lac de Soues (second category) - 6km from the countryhome- pike, perch, tench and roach